Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fighting myself

Do you ever feel like you are lost in all the "stuff" around you?  Explaining your feelings is the least of the problem.  Silence, not always best.  Letting the cries just be, for I surrender. Here I am. Little me, Big You!

Any desires

Any goals do you have?
Tell me!

Have a good day!

Have a great day!
God Bless!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

There are some people who just make you smile!

My heart is weak

I feel so weak. I am lost. My heart doesn't know what to feel. Sometimes, I am so frustrated, but I just don't want to cause a problem. I HATE complaining, because I know there are worse problems in the world.   I need a makeover, and one a wardrobe, can't provide.  I feel like this is complaining.  But, it's honest, it's pure in that while I still care what you think, I am still typing.  Just breathing now is a relief. It's when accepting our flaws, do we accept our humanness.
God Be with us,

God Guide me

God be with me today and each and every day!
Guide me in every and each way!